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A. Program
        Currently, each year we receive 80 students for undergraduate, 15 students for Master program. Both undergraduate and master program receive international students. Also, every two year we receive 20 students for master program for in-service-teachers only.


Master Program
Master program for in-service teachers.
Number of students
80 students
every year
15 students
Every year
20 students
every two year
Receive international students
B. Career Opportunity
        Our graduates from bachelor and master program have worked in the following areas.
Bachelor Program:
Kindergarten teachers, preschool teachers, administrators, art teachers, founders of childcare/infant nursery, developers of teaching materials and toy for young children.  
Master program:
Kindergarten teachers, kindergarten director, university lecturers, developers of ECE related materials and publication. A few of them go further for their doctoral studies.
C. Future development
Our vision for the future will address in the following perspectives.
1.  Will emphasize to understand the local and native phenomena.
2.  Will enhance opportunity to have collaboration with educators from
South Asia.
3.  Will enlighten the vision of globalization.
Academic Development:
1.  International exchange
(1)Promote international academic exchange: will hold international conference regularly
(2)Encourage faculty attending international conferences.
2.  Professional Growth and Counseling
(1)Give professional counsel to kindergartens. 
(2) Establish partnerships with kindergarten for developing professional schools.
1. Use technology to promote the effect for teaching, research and counseling.
2. Establish E-learning courses.